How Group Training Benefits You

We all had the best of intentions when we set those New Year’s resolutions. But now that it has gotten later in the year, some of that motivation and drive to keep sticking it out may be waning. This might just be where group training in London Ontario comes in to help you keep on track and keep moving forward.

Group training can give your routine that extra oomph to keep moving forward, keep you on track, and keeping your health and fitness goals at the forefront of your mind. After all, everything is better with a buddy, isn’t it? So why not a whole group of buddies?

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Some of the benefits of group training could include:

• Motivation
After all, seeing others alongside you moving to the music and an instructor to keep encouraging you along the way is sure to keep you moving in the right direction, isn’t it?
• Structure
After all, everyone’s routine get’s stale once in a while. And if there is no structure, it makes it harder to stick to it. Or you may not know what to do next. With group training, you don’t have to worry about that because everyone is doing the same thing.
• Accountability
After all, it’s just like having a personal trainer, except there’s a bunch of you working at the same time. So, others will know if you aren’t showing up and staying on track.
• It’s Fun
Adding a social element to your workout routine can make it much more enjoyable than working out at home in your pajamas in your living room.
• You build a support network
And you all encourage each other. You celebrate triumphs and commiserate when someone slips up. You push each other to do better and stick with the program.

Group training adds another facet to your program that keeps things fun and interesting and adds that extra layer of motivation that some people may need to keep them moving forward. If this is you, definitely check out what options are available in your local area today!

We Are Making Changes!

So we are making some big changes here and amongst them is the fact that we are turning the site into a completely open ask us anything style.

We will still be posting lots of interesting articles about homes, condos, farms, real estate adventures of all kinds but also lots of other thoughts around our crazy everyday lives.

Speaking of home inspection specifically though here is an interesting you tube video about home inspections and what to look for. Let us know what you think of this guy and all of his crazy thoughts. I found the video entertaining and informative but of course, i did not agree with everything that was there.

check it out here:

I feel that the real estate market has been slowing down a fair bit. Do you? I have not had to rush from appointment to appointment and rush through the inspections due to impatient homeowners as of late. The craziness of this market over the last two years has been absolutely stressful. I mean I get a call, am told there are multiple offers on a house and I need to get me but there quickly to do a rush inspection to let the people know if they should pay 600 000 thousand dollars for a home that is worth 350 000. I mean no stress at all man!  I actually feel pretty bad for most home buyers over the last few years because most couldn’t even wait for an inspector to look at the home, they simply had to outbid someone on it and hope for the best. Tough tough market.

Anyway back to the site and the changes. Stay tuned with us, read what we have (we are working diligently on content) and make sure to let us know what you want to hear from us. Ask us anything home and real estate related and we will try our best to get back to you and post anything relevant to it.


From the crew here at your Friendly Home Inspectors that’s it for now.  Thanks for being loyal followers and let us know if we can help you out in any way!